Premium Sandwiches

Sandwich loaded with Ham, Bacon, Lettuce and Tomatoes that will surely satisfy you.
Cuban Lean Pork
Don’t know what to eat for lunch? Well, you can always LEAN on us. Try our Lean Pork sandwich and it will definitely be your next new favorite!
Ultimate Roastbeef
The ultimate favorite of every sandwich lovers – ULTIMATE Roastbeef!
Chicken Pesto
Here’s an easy and healthy meal for you! Awesome Chicken Pesto that will instantly be your favorite sandwich.
Bacon Chicken
Glorious combination of Bacon, Chicken, Lettuce and Tomatoes that will make you ask for more.
Grilled Pepperoni
Looking for a simple yet delicious meal? Try our Grilled Pepperoni and have a light and fun snack.
Bacon & Egg
Make your tummy happy too by trying our yummy Bacon & Egg!
BBQ Chicken
Add a twist of BBQ to your typical chicken sandwich meal!

Healthy Sandwiches

BBQ Tofu
Lunch? Munch this mouthwatering sandwich made of Barbecue Marinated Tofu with Lettuce and Tomatoes!
Veggie Delight
Eating yummy while staying healthy with its freshly grilled veggie!
Country Tuna
Tuna is good for your heart! It has very high levels of omega-3 fatty acids which helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol level. Love our Country Tuna, love your heart!
Crabsticks and Mangoes
Have a refreshing twist on your usual dinner. This sandwich is light yet filling with its fresh Mangoes, Crabsticks and Seaweeds!
English Egg
Best days begin with a hearty and healthy breakfast .  taste this delectable Egg Mayonnaise Salad and have a great day!
Grilled Cheese Caprese
Bring fresh flavor to your table with our healthy and delicious Grilled Cheese Caprese!