Creamy Carbonara
Add a twist to your usual afternoon snack! Make life creamier  with our Creamy Carbonara made extraordinary with Special White Sauce with Ham and Cheese.
Quick lunch? Try our delectable Pesto Pasta with Basil, Garlic, Nuts in Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. Truly a great meal in just a few minutes!
Tommy Boy
Fill your tummy without emptying your pockets. Try our Tommy Boy pasta in Fresh Tomatoes and Garlic Sauteed in Olive Oilhealthy  for an affordable price!
Tomato Basil
No time for dinner? Here’s a quick solution for you. Have a fun-filled and light lunch with our Tomato Basil in Sweet Blend Red Sauce with Ham and Ground Beef!
Salad and Potatoes
Caesar Salad
Want to have a light but satisfying meal? Try our Caesar Salad and you’ll surely be glad!
Cheesy Bacon Potato
Potatoes are rich in Vitamin B6 which helps maintain healthy brain and normal nerve function. Grab a Cheesy Bacon Potato now and enjoy healthy living!