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Healthy and delicious food seem hard to reconcile these days. For every strip of bacon, a piece of ham or roast beef, one can’t help but to worry about the added calories. Another is the affordability of having a healthy meal if one is to follow a diet program. With all these concerns, there’s The Sandwich Guy.

Since 2008, with several branches in Metro Manila, The Sandwich Guy has been giving health-conscious individuals with affordable, healthy, and mouthwatering choices of sandwiches, pasta, potatoes, and salad.


Sandwiches and Pasta

The Sandwich Guy’s bestsellers include the classic HBLT (Ham, Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato), and Chicken Pesto for the meat lover; Crabsticks & Mangoes and Country Tuna for the seafood fanatics. For the Pasta, The Sandwich Guy offers Tommy Boy , Tomato Basil , Creamy Carbonara , and Pesto.

Opening Hours

Everyday, 7am – 9pm

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